About Us

Droughts are everywhere and can happen at any time. Cactus plants have the ability to grow almost anywhere, and with very little water. All over the world, there has been an increased interest in utilising the cactus plants for various purposes.

One of the first uses for cactus plants were the extraction of its oil from the seeds. When we started to extract cactus pear seeds from the fruit, we realised that the remainder of the fruits had a very short lifespan. This by-product was an immense source of energy which was now going to waste. This started a collaborative project to stabilise the fruit-pulp into a useable product for animal feeds.

The basic cactus plant leaves have been cut up, dried and powdered for years, as a partial replacement for maise. Through further research, we developed a product to increase the protein value of the cactus leaves.

Cactus Complete (Pty) Ltd was started as a result of the collaboration efforts. We aim to assist interested parties to utilise their cactus plants to its full potential. Our focus is mainly on agricultural use. This includes to assist farmers in utilising their plants for lower cost, high quality animal feeds, and to increase the production value of farms.

increase the protein value of the cactus leaves.